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Pigeon: Jimbala

Poet: Ivy Ireland

Poem: Velocity

Parent: Libby Fairfax

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(silver blue bar hen)

Weight: 470g

Date of birth: Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wingspan: 55cm

Parentage: Purchased at Stanley Calvert’s Clearance Sale. Was bred from a Billy Booth pigeon, a magnificent National flyer. of Van Cutsem/Logan/Wikin strain. Mother was a blended birds(Blue McCartney cock to the Red Chequer). Great Grandmother Pigeon Nurse in Western Australia's Sly-Sky war, 2001.

Reading habits: Only ever read 'The Book of Kells', however can recite full passages from this whilst mid flight , such as St Jerome's Latin version of the four Gospels and The Eusebian canons.

Languages spoken: Hiberno-English, Latin and English

Medical history: Insomnia that stems from an unnatural fear of 'Robops', robotic birds of prey some human councils use to frighten off local pigeons by perching on building sites and in public spaces and look scarily similar to a Peregrine falcon.

Dietary requirements: Thrives on regular infusions of Calendula (marigold) Dandelion, Mistletoe, and stinging nettle. Antiprotozoal drugs for any injuries.

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